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Exterminator Specialty Services

For Your Home or Business

Whether it’s your home or business, Murray Pest Control has, developed a system of treatments, baits and other products coupled to control the population, eliminate the infestation and deliver outstanding results.

All the pests listed on our Residential Services and Commercial Services pages will be exterminated after coming into contact with our treatments and baits, but there are certain measures and procedures that must be taken when dealing with other pests, especially in ridding them from your home or business. Following are the types of pests that require special treatment:

PestsRodentsSpidersStinging InsectsOther
Carpet BeetlesMiceBlack Widow SpidersAfricanized BeesBats
FleasRatsRecluse SpidersCarpenter BeesSnakes
FliesNesting Bees
MitesMud Dobber Wasps
Pantry Pests (Moths & Beetles)Yellow Jackets

We take our pride in our work and that’s why we offer such great service paired with great prices.