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fire ant controlThroughout South Florida ant infestation can become a regularly occurring problem for your home. Murray Pest Control can help you with ongoing ant control for your home and lawn. While there are over 200 ant species in Florida, the most common types of ants found inside and around the exterior of homes include Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Ghost Ants, Sugar Ants and the dreaded Fire Ant. Murray Pest Control’s Ant Exterminator services will provide relief from these pesky invaders. We inspect your home, make recommendations to prevent access and provide advice on how to keep your house unattractive to ants. We then treat the problem with baits and find and treat the nest where the colony is thriving. Our ongoing monthly household pest control services will keep ants at bay and prevent further ant control issues.

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Murray Pest Control is a small family owned business based in Boca Raton. We provide comprehensive ant control services and our monthly household pest control service is designed to help keep your home pest free. We have a no contract policy, so anytime you are no longer satisfied with our services, there are no cancellation fees involved. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Ant Control: Common Ants Found in and Around Your Home

Crazy Ants: Crazy ants have made their home in South Florida and are originally native to Southeast Asia. It’s their frantic movements and long legs which give them their name. They are either black or dark brown in appearance. Crazy ants are difficult for homeowners to control because they live both indoors and outdoors equally well. Their nests can often be long distances away making it difficult for homeowners to treat crazy ants on their own. Murray Pest Control can treat your homes effectively to exterminate crazy ants and get rid of them once and for all.

Fire Ants: Fire ants are not native to the United States, but since finding their way here, they are around to stay due to the lack of a natural predator. Fire ants typically can be found on your lawn but can invade your home. Their nests are usually visible on the ground to the naked eye and can hold over 100,000 worker ants. They are red in appearance and they eat both plants and meat, including birds, rodents and other small animals. Fire ant control is important because they sting humans and pets when disturbed. In rare cases this can be fatal to humans who may be allergic to their venom. Murray Pest Control can provide monthly inspections and treatments to control fire ants on your lawn and prevent access to your homes keeping your family and pets safe and secure.

Ghost Ants: These are two toned tiny ants that have pale looking legs along with their abdomen. They are very common in South Florida and typically live outside. Once they find entry into your home, they may create several nests. They like sweets, grease and will eat other insects. If you have ghosts ants in your home, Murray Pest Control will conduct a thorough inspection and treat all of the nests. We will also make recommendations on how to prevent ghost ants from getting into your home again.

Sugar Ants: Sugar ants are very small in size and the males are completely black in appearance, and females are orange. They are also referred to as banded sugar ants. Once inside your home, they will seek a sweet source of food to feed on and can be difficult to get rid of. Murray Pest Control can help you eliminate and prevent further infestation using our treatment plan for sugar ants.

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