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roach exterminator boca ratonMurray Pest Control has treated hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Boca Raton, Broward and Palm Beach. We are experienced roach exterminators and can help you get rid of your roach problem once and for all. Treating a roach infestation with over the counter pesticides doesn’t work. The large corporate pest control companies use the same pesticides over and over and they don’t work. You need a pest control specialist who can treat your roach problem with the right pesticides. We have a roach control specialist who is experienced at the most current pesticide treatments for getting rid of the toughest roach infestations. We use only the latest FDA approved products that are safe and effective.

Cockroaches are a common problem in South Florida thanks to the pervasive heat and humidity that exist practically year round.  Out of the thousands of different cockroach species found throughout the world, over 70 different types can be found in the state of Florida alone.  Luckily, though, a cockroach infestation in your home, yard or business is an entirely treatable problem when handled by the roach exterminator professionals at Murray Pest Control.  Our exterminators know that the type of cockroach determines the approach and they are ready to identify the problem, administer treatment, and provide continuous support to rid your household of an infestation once and for all.

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Common Florida Roaches – Roaches Carry Disease

In South Florida, there are three major types of cockroaches that are commonly found: German Roaches, American Roaches, and Brown Banded Roaches.  Despite their similarities, these cockroaches have very distinct features and habits that alter the severity of impact on your life.  It is important to remember, though, that all cockroaches carry harmful bacteria and disease.  Murray Pest Control looks forward to helping you make your home safer and healthier for your entire family.

Following are some common roaches you may encounter in Boca Raton and throughout Florida.

roach problems boca ratonGerman Cockroaches: German cockroaches are approximately 1/2” long and thrive in warm, humid areas.  These include both kitchens and bathrooms, particularly as German cockroaches are drawn to food and moisture.  Capable of traveling through pipes, plumbing, cardboard boxes, and bags, they are incredibly mobile creatures who also tend to reproduce quickly.  Due to their small size, German cockroaches hide easily and prefer small, dark areas such as small cracks or openings throughout your home.  If you are suffering a German cockroach infestation, you may notice small, dark, pepper-like droppings on counters or in small spaces in bathrooms.  While they have wings, German cockroaches do not fly, but as they have few natural predators an infestation requires professional treatment.

american cockroachAmerican Cockroaches:  Reaching up to 3” in length, American cockroaches are one of the larger South Florida pests.  Frequently referred to as “Palmetto Bugs” due to their tendency to live on trees, in flower beds, or under mulch, American cockroaches seek warmth and humidity for breeding – two things that South Florida carries in spades.  Partial to dark, sometimes moist areas, American cockroaches live in appliances, drains, cabinets, or small pockets around your floor.  While they are capable of flying, American cockroaches are also incredibly fast at scurrying and will frequently disappear into the shadows before homeowners have the chance to deal with them.  Surviving largely on crumbs – and the occasional dish of pet food – their presence can be detected by their small droppings which are similar in size and shape to mouse droppings.  American cockroaches will lay eggs in your laundry, kitchen, garage, or shed areas and large populations of them tend to produce a musty smell that can be detected by humans.  American cockroaches can be handled in a multitude of ways, but the only way to ensure that an infestation will not return is through professional treatment.

brown banded roachBrown Banded Cockroaches:  Measuring a mere 1/2” in length, brown banded cockroaches are recognizable by the distinctive brown bands appearing on their wings or torso.  Seekers of warmth if not humidity, brown banded cockroaches prefer climates upwards of 80 degrees and will quickly make themselves at home once they have found a warm spot in ceilings, attics, or appliance motors.  Primarily nocturnal bugs, brown banded cockroaches will occasionally search for food during the day and prefer high starch items, such as stamps, wallpaper glue, or the binding on books.  Brown banded cockroaches will fly when disturbed and have one of the quickest reproduction cycles of all South Florida cockroaches, requiring only 24-36 hours to produce new offspring.  Typically found around crown molding, in light fixtures, or behind wall-mounted pictures, brown banded cockroaches avoid water almost entirely.  While all cockroaches can carry bacteria and disease, brown banded cockroaches carry particularly harmful bacteria that has been linked to gastroenteritis and diarrhea as well as asthma and allergy attacks.  Due to the risks they present, brown banded cockroaches are best handled by professionals and Murray Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to safely remove them from your home.