Ant Extermination – How To Get Rid of Ants in Florida

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3 Helpful Tips for Preventing Ants:

  1. Keep your plants properly trimmed, understanding the new tender growth of plants attracts aphids. These aphids feed on the new tender growth. Throughout their feeding process the aphids then secrete a substance called honeydew. Honeydew is a desirable food source for all ants.
  2. Make sure your trees are trimmed and branches are not hanging low and onto the roof of your home. Carpenter ants love using this form of path, mainly when oak trees are present.
  3. Keeping your home clean can help prevent sightings of ants. Having small children may cause this to be slightly more difficult. As with children, particles of food are dropped on the floor, and substances commonly are spilled from children walking throughout the house with their drinks.

Murray’s Perimeter Program

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When the average homeowner attempts to remove ants from their home it can typically be easier,” said than done”, especially once these pests have been allowed to established themselves in your home. Being on our perimeter program is our best residential program, as it will give your family the peace of mind that they deserve. Once one of our professionally trained pest control technicians have applied your first perimeter application around your home, you will then experience the ant eradication that one should expect when hiring the best Family run and customer driven professional South Florida company. Better yet, you will almost immediately begin to experience the results after we apply our first application, as our program specializes in eradicating ants and preventing future ant infestations with in and around your home.